J&A's Winery Owner Dick Mettler

Dick Mettler

J&A’s was started in 2010 as a second label at another Woodinville winery, and was bonded in its current location in the Woodinville Warehouse District as its own entity in September 2012, just days before the grapes started rolling in.

Dick Mettler, owner, winemaker, bookkeeper, janitor, salesman and just about everything else, started his wine career helping his father make wine in the garage of their home in California at the ripe young age of about 12 years old. Years later, after moving to Washington and discovering that wine grapes grew here too, Dick starting tinkering around and by the late 1990’s was hooked. Of course, like his father, he needed a bit of help and enlisted the aid of two Golden Retriever pups, Jake and Annie. Best cleanup crew a hobby winery ever had – never missed a spilled drop!

The hobby shortly got out of hand and by 2005 Dick was enrolled in the Wine Technology program at South Seattle Community College and up to his elbows in grapes – as were Jake and Annie, who loved to supervise every aspect of the process, and speak their mind when they thought it was needed! As one of the first to complete the Wine Making path of the program in 2008, Dick saw no reason to stop there and after interning and working at Red Sky Winery in Woodinville, he wound up where he is today with J&A’s.

Annie of J&A's Winery


Jake of J&A's Winery


Unfortunately, the namesakes of the winery – Jake and Annie – couldn’t run the show forever, but were there every step of the way in building a dream. Their presence is felt by many who drop by and taste some special Washington wine.

We hope you can stop by and enjoy the wines as well. And by all means, bring your four legged companions – ear scratches are always free and freely given!